Denver Dem Agrees With Lunatic Who Wants To Use Coronavirus On Trump Supporters In Social Media Post


President Trump and his administration and Congress will come together like we always do in times of need and deal with the coronavirus.

That is the way we always beat back the crisis of the day – together. Sadly, some Democrats have decided to politicize the coronavirus and in that way gave up the game.

But no Democrat has taken their hatred of Trump and Trump supporters to new levels of animosity than some backbencher in the Dem party from Denver.

A Denver Councilwoman actually promoted a tweet of some Trump hater that said if they got coronavirus they would go to a Trump rally and infect Trump supporters.

In another time in a different America, this would be scandalous and she would resign in disgrace.

From The Daily Wire:

Far-left Denver City Democrat Councilwoman Candi CdeBaca stated from her government Twitter account on Monday that she stands in “solidarity” with someone who posted a graphic stating that if they became infected with the coronavirus, they wanted to attend as many Trump rallies as possible in an apparent effort to infect supporters of President Donald Trump.

CdeBaca, who has advocated for communism in the past, responded to a tweet that featured a graphic that stated: “For the record, if I do get the coronavirus I’m attending every MAGA rally I can.”

CdeBaca responded by writing, “#solidarity Yaaaas!!”

The coronavirus, which originated in China, has infected well over 90,000 people worldwide and has killed well over 3,100 people. The outbreak has led to panic in different parts of the world, and that fear, combined with government-imposed quarantines, has threatened economic growth that has already cost the world economy well into the billions of dollars.