Joe Biden Tells Detroit Auto Worker ‘You’re Full Of Sh*t, Don’t Be Such a Horse’s Ass” In Argument Over 2nd Amendment


Joe Biden snapped at a campaign event and told a Michigan voter that he was “full of sh*t.”

What is he even doing at these events being in the prime danger age for the coronavirus?

I don’t think these guys are taking this seriously – what happened in Italy could easily happen here – we will know in a week or two.

But Joe Biden is fighting for his political life against Bernie Sanders and both are seriously lacking in the charisma category.

Look, Biden is gaffe-prone and Bernie is a radical – regardless of who the Dems select they will have to keep them out of sight leaving Trump free reign to dominate all media options.

Social media and traditional media will be a field day for Trump against either one of the Dem candidates.

Biden for his part snapped at a Michigan autoworker today over the second amendment.

The man accused Biden of “actively trying to end our second amendment right.”

Biden responded, “You’re full of sh*t, I support the second amendment,” Biden said before listing off the guns he owns.

The man kept yelling so according to a CBS reporter Biden hit back: “Don’t be such a horse’s ass.”