Joy Behar Crosses Line With New Trump Insult: “This man is a menace to the world”


Joy Behar and Whoopi Goldberg wasted no time making the coronavirus all about politics and how this could damage Trump politically.

It was a disgraceful performance from the two but sadly we have come to expect it.

“Apparently, the White House, pearl clutch, can’t seem to get their story straight,” Goldberg said as she mocked the White House and Trump’s reaction to the virus.

From Fox News:

“First, it was, ‘We have everything under control,’ then it was, ‘There are very few cases and this will be contained in a few weeks or a few months,’” Hostin said.

“For me at least, we’re getting a trickling bit of information and it seems to be very different and, um, conflicting information. And I think when you are suspicious of the information that your government is giving you, that leads to this sort of fear that I think we’re seeing.”

“When the numbers go up, it makes him look bad,” Behar said. “They’d go on land and that makes the numbers go up. That makes him look bad, the stock market reacts and he’s worried about his presidency.”

Behar then said despite warnings to remain calm, she hasn’t been calm “since he got into office.”

Co-host Sunny Hostin was next to chime in, saying the “mixed messages” are what is so alarming.

Behar declared that the government is supposed to protect citizens from this type of situation.

“Republicans like to say, ‘We have small government, we only want small government,’ well this is what government does… this is exactly the function of government and our government is screwing up,” Behar said. “Remember that at Election Day.”

“This man is a menace to the world,” Behar said.