Mark Levin Says Chuck Schumer Must Be Disbarred, Doesn’t Buy Chuck’s Crocodile Tears


Noted constitutional scholar Mark Levin just dropped the hammer on Chuck Schumer and called for him to lose his law license.

“Chuck Schumer’s direct threats today against two Supreme Court justices absolutely does endanger them,” Levin started.

“The Chief Justice said as much.  Schumer also insisted that the justices rule on an active case as he demands.”

“Schumer should be sanctioned by the Bar, admonished by the Senate, investigated by the Senate ethics committee, and even reviewed by the DOJ”

“No individual, let alone the Senate Democrat leader, who is also a lawyer, should escape accountability for his loathsome conduct.”

“He’s intimidating, or attempting to threaten and intimidate, two Supreme Court justices.”

“And, if they dare to apply their independent thinking and the facts to the constitution, and they do not come out the way that he insists, he’s threatening them, in advance of the decision.”

“If a common citizen had threatened a court or a particular judge or justice the way that Chuck Schumer did, they would be arrested, in my view.”

“If a common lawyer had threatened the court or justices, or any judge, the way Schumer did, they would be disbarred. They would be disbarred.”

“And I think Chuck Schumer could still be disbarred.”

“Because, while the speech and debate clause protects him – he’s free to say what he wishes – and the courts have ruled that it protects him from litigation for defamation and so forth, I’m unaware of any decision that says a lawyer who is a politician who gets elected to Congress, is still not subject to the rules of professional conduct in their jurisdiction, in their state, in this case, in New York.”

“So, potentially, he could be disbarred, and that effort should be made in my humble opinion.”

“You don’t get to threaten – I mean threaten – officials, let alone federal judges, let alone Supreme Court justices, the way Schumer did,” he added.