Maxine Waters Crosses Line With New Trump Attack, Calls Trump a “Liar” Who “Needs to Shut Up”


The Democrats like Maxine Waters seem to think this coronavirus crisis is a political opportunity and for that reason they will get crushed in 2020.

Look, every expert said the coronavirus was coming to America – that it was inevitable that we would have outbreaks here.

Early in the crisis, many health experts predicted 40-70% of the world’s population would get the virus.

Now, we made a few bureaucratic blunders with the testing but that is not Trump’s fault nor is the spread of the virus.

We need to come together and solve this and Maxine Waters taking cheap shots won’t help.

“You cannot trust this president, not only is he a liar, he does not believe in scientific…” Maxine Waters said.

“The President of the United States cannot be relied upon. Someone said he needs to be quiet, he needs to shut his mouth.”

From The Hill:

Lawmakers pressed Fauci and Redfield on the slow pace of testing, with the CDC testing fewer than 5,000 people for the coronavirus. Public health labs, hospitals and providers have had to strictly limit who can be tested for the virus to people who are elderly, have underlying health conditions, have traveled to high-risk areas like China and Italy or have had close contact with a positive case.

Experts suspect there are cases of the coronavirus that haven’t been detected because of the lack of testing.

“If you don’t do testing, we don’t know the full scope of the problem,” Maloney said.

“We are operating in the dark.”

Fauci has repeatedly denied that the White House is muzzling his statements on the coronavirus.

“I have never ever held back telling exactly what is going on from a public health standpoint,” he said.

He sounded a dire warning Wednesday that the outbreak will worsen before it gets better.

“We will see more cases and things will get worse than they are right now,” he said.