Mitt Romney Caves, Backs GOP Probe Into Biden and Bursima, Votes For Subpoena With Conditions


Well, that was short-lived. Was it worth it Mitt? Because after your move today the left will never forgive you.

All the love from the media and your new friends in Hollywood – gone. Mitt Romney caved and will vote to start issuing subpoenas in the Senate’s Bursima Biden investigation.

Mitt Romney’s condition was to keep this behind closed doors and not have public hearings. For now – it will leak most likely, and if they find anything they will hold public hearings.

From The Hill:

Liz Johnson, a spokeswoman for Romney, said Friday that in a committee vote he would support the subpoena — which is expected to request documents and an interview with former Blue Star Strategies consultant Andrii Telizhenko — after getting assurances from Sen. Ron Johnson (R-Wis.).

 “Senator Romney has expressed his concerns to Chairman Johnson, who has confirmed that any interview of the witness would occur in a closed setting without a hearing or public spectacle. He will therefore vote to let the Chairman proceed to obtain the documents that have been offered,” Johnson said.

Romney’s support means Johnson, who chairs the Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee, is expected to have the simple majority on the panel needed to subpoena Telizhenko.

Romney’s decision is a blow to Democrats, who have warned that Johnson could inadvertently help spread Russian misinformation or use the investigation to target former Vice President Joe Biden as his presidential campaign has a burst of new momentum.