MSNBC Flunks Basic Math Test On Live TV As Brian Williams and Mara Gay Get Embarrassed In Front Of Nation


MSNBC is a joke. They just humiliated themselves on national television in such a way that one must question everything they report.

They flunked basic math in an on-air debacle and this mistake was telling – they wanted to make a point first and then worked backward to try to make the statistics fit their narrative.

It is plain to everyone now – they have been unmasked.

They went after Bloomberg but the real point was money in politics and they brought out an analyst to drive home the point and even had an on-air graphic ready for the segment.

This means that more people were involved in this debacle and no one checked the accuracy of the claims.

Truly astounding. They smugly ran a segment claiming Bloomberg spent $500 million to lose the primary and he could have done so much more with the money – like give every American a million dollars.

320 million Americans it sounds like a great idea until you actually do the math and then you realize that each American would get a little over $1, not $1million.

Embarrassing. By the way, MSNBC’s expert Mara Gay also works for the New York Times.