MSNBC’s Katy Tur Stunned When Latino Man Says His Daughter Is Voting For Trump Because of Economy


MSNBC’s Katie Tur got the shock of her life when she went to Texas and did a series of on-the-street interviews with Latinos and other voters.

Tur wore a fairly smug smile as she asked the Latino voter about the election which changed to a look of shock as the man said his daughter was voting for Trump.

Hispanics like Trump more than the media will let on – they tend to be conservative, pro-life, and own small businesses so assuming they will vote Dem is a mistake Biden and the rest will repeat.

From The Daily Wire:

What Tur was apparently not expecting was a Latino L.A. resident telling her his daughter planned on voting for President Donald Trump, especially since the media have repeatedly echoed the narrative that Trump is racist against minorities.

“Your daughter’s gonna vote for Donald Trump?” Tur asked the man, taken aback.

Tur then quickly asked the resident “why” in Spanish: “Por que?” The good economy, he explained.

An analyst alongside Tur tried to make sense of what the two of them just witnessed, theorizing that there is still a “stubborn” sect of Latino voters who inexplicably lean conservative because they “really focus on the economy” or value law enforcement.

“You don’t see that too much, but it’s facilitating,” the analyst said. “In the Latino community you’re seeing that there’s still kinda this stubborn 10-15% of the population that continues to poll in favor of Donald Trump.”

“Why do you think that is?” Tur asked.

“At least in my family, some folks are members of law enforcement,” he explained. “Some folks just, you know, really focus on the economy. I don’t know what the exact reasons are, but there tends to be that certain conservative slant in the Latino community.”