Sen. Elizabeth Warren Quits Race Setting Up Showdown For Soul Of Dem Party


Sen. Elizabeth Warren just caved to reality and is quitting the race to win the Dem nomination to take on President Trump.

Many thought Trump knocked her out too early and many agree she only took the DNA test to shut Trump up.

It backfired as did almost everything Liz touched but the critical point was when she came out in favor of free sex changes for incarcerated felons. Not smart. Nor was proudly announcing the terrible results from the DNA test. She’s a lightweight.

From NBC:

Sen. Elizabeth Warren is suspending her presidential campaign, a source familiar with the decision tells NBC News, a bitter blow for a senator who was long seen by prominent Democrats as headed for the White House.

It is unclear whether Warren will endorse another Democratic candidate for president.

The decision ends a frantic year of campaigning for a candidate who branded herself as a progressive fighter from humble beginnings who was ready to take on a broken and corrupt system.

The Massachusetts Democrat wowed crowds with her sharp intellect, her clear prognoses for complex problems, and her endless stream of policy blueprints to tackle them. After a long polling rise over summer that continued into the fall, it was clear Warren’s message was catching on, and she rose to the front of the pack in some polls while avoiding conflict with rivals.

The plan was working. Then it all started to fall apart.

Warren was pummeled on her “Medicare for All” plan by rivals like Pete Buttigieg, who started to peel away white college graduates, a group that formed the core of her base. She responded by releasing a series of detailed financing mechanisms, followed by a plan to transition onto Medicare for All in the third year of her presidency, moving first to establish a “public option” in the first year. The move didn’t placate moderates and it sowed doubts about her among left-leaning voters, who instead moved toward Sanders.

Meanwhile the crowded field of moderates, most notably the staying power of Joe Biden, made it harder for her to grow her support among the mainstream Democrats who backed Hillary Clinton in 2016. Questions about “electability” dogged her throughout the fall as many voters, haunted by the last presidential election, fretted that the U.S. wouldn’t elect a woman.