Taxpayer-Funded Museum Director Resigns In Disgrace After Hoping GOP Voters Die, Calls Them Pieces of Sh**


The director of a Texas museum partially funded by taxpayers has resigned in disgrace after calling Republican voters “pieces of sh*t” who she wished death for.

Nice, huh?

“I hope every single one of you pieces of shit that votes Republican, dies today,” Melonnie Hicks, executive director of the Pioneer City County Museum in Sweetwater, Texas, wrote on Facebook.

“The Pioneer County-City Museum announced today that Melonnie Hicks has submitted her resignation as Executive Director of the Museum,” the statement read.

“The Board firmly believes that the Museum exists to tell the story of all people in Nolan County, regardless of identity or political belief,” board President Matt Counts added.

From KTXS:

City Manager David Vela called the comments regrettable.

“It’s regrettable and reprehensible, especially from someone who is a community leader,” said Vela. “Those kind of comments should never be made on social media or anywhere else.”

Vela said the City does not stand by her statement.

KTXS asked Vela what he hopes will come out of Friday’s meeting.

“We hope they make the right and responsible choice,” said Vela. “(The board) may have a different definition of right and responsible. Let’s just see what actions they take and we’ll go from there.”

After the controversy broke, Hicks issued an apology on Facebook.

“I was really mad at Republicans for voting against health care since my options today are die or go into debt to see the doctor,” said Hicks. “It was gross which is what I deleted it.”