Trump Drops Hammer On Biden’s Flubs: “He’ll be in a home, guy can’t put two sentences together”


President Trump knocked the historically weak Democratic field for the presidency of the United States at CPAC and made some solid points.

Joe Biden has proved one thing beyond a reasonable doubt – he is not ready for prime time.

Always famous for making embarrassing gaffes, Biden has turned up the volume calling some to question his mental facilities. Ronny Jackson, a former White House physician is already calling for Biden to be tested for cognitive issues.

“How could you be easier to beat than Joe? The guy can’t put two sentences together,” Trump said to the crowd at CPAC.

Trump added that Joe Biden would “not going to be running the government he’s just going to be sitting in a home someplace and people are going to be running it for him.”

Trump warned that “radical left socialists” will be in Bernie’s cabinet if God forbid he was ever elected.

“If I would have said that, it would have been over. You know, it only takes one little phrase for me, like a little couple of words. If you mispronounce a word, you know with all I speak, they say if you pronounce the word ‘the.’ ‘The!’ ‘He said “the,”‘” Trump said, apparently mocking the media. “If you mispronounce the, ‘There’s something going on.'”

“Here’s a guy said they killed 150 million people with guns and nobody even talks about it,” he added.

“Did he just say they killed 150 million people?” Trump said. “That’s half of our population, this is terrible event! We have to find out what’s going on. This is bad. This wasn’t reported by the fake news! I’ve gotta check that, First Lady.”

Biden’s team responded weakly:

“A year from now, Joe Biden will have brought character, honor, and decency back to the White House,” spokesman Andrew Bates said.

“He’ll be rebuilding the American middle class, fighting to give every American healthcare — instead of trying to cost millions their coverage — rallying the world against climate change, and reversing Donald Trump’s repugnant and un-American immigration policies.

Donald Trump, on the other hand, will be ranting on Twitter about how Deutsche Bank is refusing to give him a loan for ‘Trump Tower Moscow: The Second Try.’”