Trump To Issue Executive Order Mandating American Made Medical Supplies And Pharmaceuticals


President Trump is expected to speak to the nation in a few hours and will implement some emergency measures to combat the growing threat of the coronavirus.

One of the measures Trump will take is to issue an executive order mandating American-made medical supplies and pharmaceuticals.

The establishment geniuses have moved offshore 90% of our drug and medical supply manufacturing leaving us exposed as India and China block or discuss blocking exports of key medical components.

90% of our vaccines are made overseas – the only thing they could have done worse was if they shipped to China 90% of our ammunition manufacturing – that is how dumb a move the Obama’s, Bush’s, Clintons, etc. gave to this great country.

If our troops get sick and can’t get vaccines they can’t fight so if you look at offshoring vaccines in a national security context, it is a debacle. Thankfully, Trump will change that today.

From The Baltimore Sun:

President Donald Trump is expected to announce an executive order Wednesday insisting on American-made medical supplies and pharmaceuticals in response to the coronavirus outbreak, according to a person familiar with the plan, as the White House begins to come to grips with the severity of the situation.

Word about the planned announcement, from a person who was not authorized to publicly discuss the matter and spoke on condition of anonymity, comes amid another tumultuous day in the unfolding crisis. Confirmed cases in the United States are topping 1,000, fluctuations in the financial markets are continuing and Washington is straining to respond.

The White House is also considering a host of more aggressive responses, including a declaration of a national disaster, to free up additional federal dollars and to address concerns that the administration’s initial response to the pandemic was insufficient.

That includes efforts to dramatically increase the number of American-made protective facial masks sold to hospitals by giving companies legal cover to sell masks made for industrial use to hospitals so doctors and nurses can use them while other masks are in short supply…

…Rubio praised the forthcoming announcement.

He called the expected order “a very strong first step toward increasing domestic production by enforcing Buy American requirements for pharmaceuticals and medical supplies, as well as fast-tracking approval” by the Food and Drug Administration of “critical products impacted by the coronavirus outbreak’s strain on the supply chain.”

China is a key supplier of drug active ingredients, the chemical components that make drugs work, and finished medicines for the U.S. market. Those include the active ingredients for antibiotics and pills to treat common chronic conditions such as heart disease.

Many of China’s active ingredients are shipped to India, which makes much of the global supply of generic drugs. India recently restricted all exports of 13 active pharmaceutical ingredients, and finished drugs made from those chemicals, to protect its domestic drug supply.