Tucker Accuses Biden Of Taking Bribes In Expose That Will Sink Joe’s Campaign: “They bribed him with cash, paid lackey in Washington”


The Democrats are pulling out all the tricks to stop Bernie Sanders from winning the 2020 nomination.

Just like the GOP establishment in 2016, the swamp fears an independent voice because that imperils their grift.

Trump beat back the GOP’s attempts through social media and outright threats – things Bernie does not excel at.

In short, the Dems plan to stop Trump with Biden is going to backfire in numerous ways. First, Bernie’s voters will break away dealing a lethal blow to Biden.

Second, when Trump starts hitting Joe with his actual record, many other Dems especially the more liberal ones will be aghast at what they learn.

Tucker gave them a preview last night and dragged a few skeletons from Biden’s closet. Trucker said:

“Today both Buttigieg & Klobuchar endorsed Biden. These are party people doing the bidding of their corporate masters.”

“There’s nothing warm or sentimental about it. They’re pushing a defective product on consumers and they know it.”

“If there is a rogue candidate out there who might actually be serious about closing the carried interest loophole and forcing private equity barons to pay the same effective tax rate that you do, well that cannot stand.”

“Probably the only group sincerely cheering Biden on tonight are the credit card companies. For decades Biden was their paid lackey in Washington.”

“They bribed him with cash. They gave jobs to his son. Meanwhile, untold Americans were crushed by credit card debt.”