Black Dem Lawmaker Comes Clean, Accuses Dems Party of “Real Voter Suppression”


Georgia state Rep. Vernon Jones, a Democrat, came out and endorsed Trump a few weeks ago and the left went after him with a fury.

Now, he is hitting back accusing the Dems of voter suppression in response to their scandalous retaliation.

“When I exercised my constitutional right to freedom of speech, they attacked it. They tried to scare me and others by censoring us, wanting to silence us,” he said. “That’s voter suppression,” he said in an exclusive interview with the Washington Examiner.

From The Washington Examiner:

“Here they are suppressing. This is real voter suppression because they are trying to intimidate me and others from voting for the person of our choice,” he said. “And when I see these groups … all those who talk about voter suppression, I see them getting behind candidates who do not vote for a person that they want them to vote for, then they are attacked, and monies are used to support the opponents of those who want to exercise free speech.”

He also called Williams’s record into question, particularly in relation to the black community.

“Right now, the Democratic Party is run by plantation owners, and those blacks who choose to be afraid to stand up and lead the plantation? They are plantation workers. And I don’t mean from the sense of them needing to leave the Democratic Party — but to become woke that the Democratic Party has left them too, and they are carrying somebody else’s agenda and not even their own,” Jones said.

Jones criticized his party for its treatment of African Americans, a demographic that overwhelmingly supports the Democratic Party. He also chastised the party for how it has treated Trump, including slapping him with two Ukraine-related articles of impeachment in the Democrat-led House, after which the GOP-controlled Senate acquitted the president.

“They know President Trump is doing a lot of great things, but the Democratic House just wants to block the president. They want to create ways to get them out of office as opposed to beating at the ballot. Impeachment was a hoax. They wasted a lot of taxpayers dollars,” the lawmaker said.

Striking a similar tone to what Trump’s staunchest allies have alleged, Jones also claimed that members of the intelligence community tried to undermine Trump. He said rank-and-file officials at the FBI “maintained integrity” but accused top brass of “targeting” the president.

“Blacks have been saying that all along — about how the FBI targets and profiled, abused their [positions], going back to J. Edgar Hoover. That’s nothing new for people. Black people [have] been saying that for years. Maybe it’s just ironic that I hate what President Trump and his family and supporters … had to go through, but this is, this has been our outcry for years,” Jones said.

Jones represents one of the most Democratic districts in Georgia, covering parts of DeKalb and Rockdale counties in the suburbs of Atlanta. He has held the seat since 2017. He previously represented another district from 1993 to 2001.

At least one prominent Republican, Sen. Ted Cruz of Texas, praised him for “demonstrating the courage of your convictions.”

Asked why he does not join the GOP given his opinions, Jones said: “I don’t have to be a member of the Republican Party to feel the way I feel. As a matter of fact, you have a lot of Democrats that went over to the Republican Party.”