Adam Schiff Sides With China, Trashes President Trump: “It’s a real disservice to the country”


House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff (D-CA) just took China’s side in the ongoing blame game over the pandemic.

Look, China has been lying and those lies led to the entire world being unprepared for what happened.

It is not Trump’s fault – sure mistakes were made initially in dealing with this problem as are made in any crisis, but to say calling out China is “doing a disservice to our country” as Schiff is suggesting is nonsense.

And a disgrace.

From Townhall:

First, we heard Russia! Russia! Russia! Once Special Counsel Robert Mueller proved the Trump campaign didn’t collude with Russia, Schiff moved on to his next fixation: Ukraine.

We were then told that President Trump engaged in quid pro quo, that he threatened to withhold military aid unless Ukraine investigated Joe and Hunter Biden for corruption. He pushed full steam ahead with impeachment.

And once that failed he’s now onto his new fixation: China.

In Schiff’s eyes, Trump is “deflecting” by blaming China for the Wuhan coronavirus.

“His effort to deflect responsibility onto China for many of the administration’s own failings,” he said during an interview on MSNBC. “… It’s a real disservice, a continuing disservice to the country.”

The fact of the matter is this: the coronavirus started in Wuhan. China did everything in their power to hide the virus. Taiwan tried to blow the whistle on what happened and the World Health Organization turned their back.

If President Trump failed to lead the country, he wouldn’t have halted flights from China even though everyone – including the WHO – advised against it. Our nation would be completely ravaged by this virus. One death is one too many. But without that one decision, millions of Americans would be dead.

Schiff can say holding China accountable is a disservice but really, he’s doing a disservice by covering for the regime and coverup.