Hillary Clinton Launches New Plan To “Retire Trump To Golf Course Full-Time”


Hillary Clinton is still bitter and she wants back in the game much to the chagrin of the Dem establishment.

The best thing for everyone would be for Hillary to just go away – she was rightfully hated and branded as a corrupt stooge of the special interests she spent her life serving.

She ran a terrible campaign and now she arrogantly is launching a plan to “retire Trump to the golf course.”

“I still to this day have people who breakdown in tears when they see me, not as often as they said in the first two or three years,” she told Amy Schumer of her epic loss.

“It was such an emotional gut punch.”

“I didn’t think I was going to lose,” she whined.

“They didn’t think I was going to lose. They were just as devastated as I felt,” she said of her heartbreak and her supporter’s heartbreak.

She continued, “I was really worried about Trump, but he’s been worse than I even feared he would be, as I tried to warn people he would be.

Maybe she should have not run in the first place – she was a terrible candidate who arrogantly thought she deserved the presidency.

“We are seeing that play out dramatically right now between COVID and the economy and the terrible decisions he made around peaceful protesters calling in the military so much that is contrary to the Constitution, to our fundamental values, to humanity,” she added.

“So, I have carried with me this real sense of deep responsibility that, ‘Oh, my gosh, I just can’t bear the fact this man became president.’

“For whatever combination of reasons, and there were a lot of reasons, I win a popular vote and lose the electoral college by literally a handful,” she whined.

“So I’m spending most of my time trying to do everything I can to retire him, and to send him back to the golf course full-time.”