Trump Nemesis Chelsea Handler Begs For Forgiveness After Posting ‘Offensive’ Louis Farrakhan Video


Comedian and huge Trump nemesis Chelsea Handler just caved to the liberal mob and issued an apology after earlier defending her social media posts.

She had to beg for forgiveness after the mob objected to her sharing a video of Louis Farrakhan.

Louis of course is an anti-Semite and Handler is Jewish and while politics makes strange bedfellows this noxious pairing was too much for even the hysterical left to tolerate.

There will be a backlash to cancel culture and it will come soon. The only question is will it be too late to return to sanity?

From The Washington Examiner:

Handler, who is Jewish, posted a clip of the Nation of Islam leader, who has a history of anti-Semitism and homophobia, from The Phil Donahue Show on Instagram last week. In the clip, Farrakhan argued with members of the program’s studio audience over questions about racial prejudice.

“I want to sincerely apologize for posting the video of Louis Farrakhan,” Handler said in a statement to the Daily Beast. “I didn’t consider the context of his anti-Semitic and homophobic rhetoric, that is of course contrary to my own beliefs and values. Part of the process of educating ourselves during this pivotal time is recognizing and working through our mistakes. This was definitely one of mine. I was wrong. It was offensive, and I apologize.”

However, her apology, which was published by the outlet Tuesday, came after she defended the post in an interview on The Last Laugh, a podcast hosted by the Daily Beast’s Matt Wilstein.

“I thought his message was really powerful,” Handler said on the podcast. “I wasn’t thinking about the anti-Semitic thing, but I don’t want to take down the post because I felt the message was powerful and a lot of people did.”

“It was powerful for me the way he spelled it out,” she continued. “That black people don’t have a history of killing white people. White people have a history of killing black people for hundreds of years. Over and over again, we kill black people in this country. So, everyone needs to remember where the violence came from. It’s not from the black people. It’s from the white people. So, I thought it was powerful. So, whatever, you know, everybody can go f— themselves.”