Trump Moves To End Biggest Immigration Scam In US History And It’s About Time


Donald Trump won the historic 2016 election for many reasons and most remember the big moments that will echo through history – like how he crushed Hillary during the debates.

But there were other key moments during the campaign that have faded from memory and none was more important emotionally than the story of Disney tech workers.

Disney outsourced their tech workers and had the absolute gall to make the Americans train their Indian replacements.

It was a shocking story and it was hard for many to believe – How can we need tech workers here and have Americans train their replacements? How is that legal?

Trump promised to do something and he has faced a backlash from big tech because they like cheap labor and the status quo.

Our politicians failed us and failed our workers when they let this happen and Trump is finally putting his foot down.

From The Axios:

The Trump administration will ban entry into the U.S. for foreigners on certain temporary work visas — including high-skilled H-1B visas— through the end of the year, senior administration officials told reporters Monday afternoon.

Why it matters: The highly-anticipated immigration restrictions expand on President Trump’s earlier coronavirus-related immigration ban introduced in late April — which was also extended through the end of the year.

Trump has leveraged emergency powers and economic concern from the coronavirus to slowly shut down large parts of the immigration system— even as he urges states to reopen.

The administration also announced Monday that it is working toward permanent reforms that would crack down on H-1B visas and work permits for asylum seekers.

The official said these steps could open up 525,000 U.S. jobs.