BLM Leader Arrested In NYC At Trump Protest, Curses Out Police: “Get your f—ing hands off me”


A leader of the Black Lives Matter movement in New York City has been arrested by the New York Police Department at an anti-Trump protest.

His group clashed with the police and this guy who has been on Fox News multiple times was cuffed and stuffed and was not happy about it allegedly cursing out the cops as he went.

Walter “Hawk” Newsome is the president of Black Lives Matter’s Greater New York chapter. He was arrested with 10 others after their protests at West 24th Street and 10th Avenue near the High Line got out of control.

Newsome is arrogant as you can tell by his reaction to getting arrested by the police who are just trying to do their jobs:

“Get your f—ing hands off me,” Newsome yelled at officers while pushing off them.

From The New York Post:

Newsome, a Bronx resident, was slapped with a desk appearance ticket for obstructing governmental administration and two disorderly conduct violations, authorities said.

Police said Newsome was given lawful orders to disperse.

Video captured by The Post showed cops shoving protesters and blocking their path on the Manhattan sidewalk.

On Sunday, anti-Trump protesters had confronted pro-Trump caravans near Madison Square Park as supporters of the president took to streets and highways across the New York region ahead of Tuesday’s presidential election.